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Ever since our inception in 2011, CeeZion has been at the forefront of delivering projects designed to last a lifetime to clients across Kerala and Dubai. This effectiveness has led us to develop projects from the same clients 80% of the time consistently over the years we’ve been in operation. We are proponents of a service based culture and eschew a non-adversarial approach towards project delivery, this combination has always ensured success for us in this highly competitive market. We are punctual without going over budget as we finish your projects consummately. To bring about absolute satisfaction on all projects for every single client is a motto that we hold steadfast.

CeeZion does not hold prejudice on a particular project and accept all irrespective of location or size. The resources that at our disposal and the position that we’ve acquired on the market has put us in a position where we have constant access to the latest construction technology, techniques and materials which we utilise and apply on projects in the most efficient, practical commercial manner to bring about holistic development.

We are distinguished from our competitors because of the vast superiority in terms of quality. We have enshrined the phrase “Delivery Guaranteed” because that is most pertinent to our clients. This can only be made possible when there is a holistic process involving a unique combination of adept professionals, multi-folded knowledge and a strong financial base to underpin everything.

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We strive towards delivering state of the art masterpieces that are imbued with the right formula of class, function, and endurance so that not only will the final product become icons in their own right but will leave an indelible impact on all those who gaze upon it . Ours is a mission towards creating the ultimate experience possible within the present paradigm of real estate so that all of our clients are absolutely satisfied with the job that was done.


We see ourselves being at the forefront of the real estate business delivering high-end projects with uncompromising quality to every nook and corner of the land. Every step we take is towards progress, and reinforced with a superior code of business ethics, we ensure that there is about absolute customer satisfaction, cordial business relationships, and employee contentment. In the long run, CeeZion envisages a world where technology has assimilated seamlessly with everyday realities.


CeeZion has imbued ourselves with a passion for every project that we undertake. It is this passion that has led us to projects successfully ever since our inception. The company always listen to the wishes and desires of our clients and have integrated every fine detail into this finished product to create the perfect home/office that brings out the uniqueness in each of our clients. CeeZion has always been forward thinking and this has led us to be on the fringe of innovation and future always.